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Perhaps the best depiction for Byron Lawson’s career is not gauged by any particular niche he’s carved for himself, but rather by his desire to live his dream.  Growing up in Vancouver, Canada and attending grade school and college, he never thought it was okay to go after “His Dream”.  One of the only reasons he stayed full-time in College was to be eligible to use his mother’s airline passes, so that he could travel and really learn about the real world.  He said “I grew up thinking success was based on how much money you made, and not by how much you actually enjoyed the job of earning it” and was often told “Stop living in a dream world”.  Byron says he really got his education by traveling the world and not in school,  He even played hockey in Sweden and Finland, and grew into his own individuality outside of the educational system.   After College, a friend of his asked him to take a meeting with his agent, from this opportunity Byron ended up booking his very first audition.  The rest is history and Byron has never looked back.

“The career I have chosen is challenging me in all aspects of my life, and I know that in this career the challenges will never end which will only help me to grow in every way.”

We hope you enjoy learning more about Byron Lawson and his passion for “Living Out Loud”.   In a career that spans 14 years, Lawson has established his sense of individuality as an actor, bringing to the screen his distinctive presence, which is so great to watch.